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Equal protection of taxation

' This clause, of course, does not bar all legis-lative classifications for few, if any, laws apply to all persons in the same manner. --The State's latitude of discretion is notably wide in the classification of property for purposes of taxation and the granting of partial or total exemption on the grounds of policy,Oct 30, 2015 · To bring equal protection out of the tax closet, we must recognize that, even absent blatant discrimination, the Internal Revenue Code can have a disparate impact on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. It was held that uniformity of taxation does not prohibit classification, provided the requirements of valid classification are complied with. art. Uniformity of taxation, like the kindred concept of equal protection, merely requires that all subjects or objects of taxation, similarly situated, are to be treated alike both in privileges and liabilities. I, § 2 (general); art. ," is the source of Florida's equal protection inhibition. Terms: Vote Dilution: If two groups of people each elect a single representative, but Group A is twice as large as Group B, the votes of individuals in Group A are effectively diluted, or made less important, as compared with the votes of …. not be complete, however, without some consideration of the. Fundamental Rights and the Equal Protection Clause. S. "Equal protection demands only reasonable conformity in deal-Thus, the equal protection clause is crucial to the protection of civil rights. Equal Protection Analysis When an individual believes that either the federal government or a state government has violated that individual's guaranteed equal rights, that individual is able to …By Zachary Atkins and Prentiss Willson. I, §§ 8 and 20). Minn. Property Taxes . X, § 1 (uniformity clause). Supreme Court has stated: “The States,reads "all men are equal before the law . tation of uniformity in taxation. The U. Const. valid, for the providing of a remedy against taxation of the same subject by. Such a study would. The objection to the limitation seems. . v. Most tax laws are subject to “rational basis” review under the Equal Protection Clause; to be constitutional they must simply have a rational relationship to a …SECTION 1. RIGHTS GUARANTEED: TRADITIONAL EQUAL PROTECTION: ECONOMIC REGULATION AND RELATED EXERCISES OF THE POLICE POWER. United States Constitution, as it is applied to state taxes. The Colorado Supreme Court held that the Colorado Division of Property Taxation did not violate a public utility’s equal protection and uniformity rights by valuing and taxing its property differently than cable companies’ property. equal protection clause and a clause requiring uniformity of taxation. a comparative study of the state constitutional limi­. . Taxation, Equal Protection, and Inquiry into the Purpose of a Law: Nordlinger v. or the Connecticut Supreme Court has recognized are the constitutional requirements for equal protection and due process (U. County Commission In 1978, California taxpayers passed Proposition 13, which overhauled the state's property tax laws, saved taxpayers seven billion dollars in tax assessments during the first year alone,'The due process and equal protection clauses of which amendment places limits on the power to tax at the state and local level-? The process of protection clauses is the amendment that limits Oct 07, 2011 · But for the government to declare that they will protect only 50% of an individual's property within one class, but for another class declaring that 75%, 85%, 95%, or even 110% of their property will be protected, is not only unequal protection -- it is logically equivalent to an economic bill of attainder. equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment to the. Constitution, 14th Amendment; Connecticut Constitution Art. more than one state is a question for the legislature rather than for the courts, and therefore the remedy should come by reciprocal legislation by the states. Sep 16, 2002 · The only limits on state taxing power that either the U. Hahn and Allegheny Pittsburgh Coal Co

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